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Platelet rich concentrate - Angel System

Angel system differs from other systems of platelet rich plasma PRP because of the higher concentrations of platelets and growth factors. There is more and more clinical evidences which indicates that using in therapy PRP concentrate, which contains a higher concentration of platelets, provides the best results.

Platelet rich plasma stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts - this stimulation (according to the scientific literature), is dependent on the concentration and number of growth factors coated on platelets contained in the platelet-rich plasma. In platelets occurs dozens of different biologically active substances that are involved in the processes of reparation and regeneration of tissues. The concentration of platelets in the plasma is several times higher than in blood (depending on the extraction method from 2 to 14 times). In our method it reaches to the 14x concentration! Thus, the higher the concentration of platelets in the plasma, the higher the concentration of growth factors and bio-stimulative results. Bio-stimulative effects of platelet rich plasma is then to activate various types of cells by growth factors. The more growth factors, the better the effect of regeneration, repair and rejuvenation.

The base for the success of Biological Regenerative Medicine which is the PRP technology is therefore to concentrate blood platelets and contained in them important regenerative growth factors.

The Angel PRP Cell Separator Computer system is the most modern device of its kind on the market and allows safe and precise separation of concentrated platelet rich plasma PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Thanks to the coordinated work of specialized medical equipment it is possible to get back more than 90% of platelets from the blood sample, as well as the 14x concentration of platelets confirmed by numerous of scientific publications. Because of that, the treatments performed with PRP has produced incredible effectiveness.

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