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Slimming, anti-cellulite and firming therapy

This package includes 6 visits (12 treatments)
6 * Liposhock + 6 * Body mix (3 heads)

LipoShock breaks down fat cells, improves skin tone and eliminates swelling by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system. The effect of LipoShock is also the loss of centimeters around the body. Skin after the procedure becomes smoother, firmer and more supple, cellulite and localized imperfections are eliminated.

Body Mix is the latest generation device to fight the imperfections of the body and the excess body fat. It is based not on one but on several advanced technologies (biostimulating laser, photo stimulation, cryotherapy, endodermic massage). The device has been designed by scientists for cellulite reduction, body shaping, slimming, improving and strengthening the walls of vessels. More recently, thanks to the latest technology connected with RF head, Body Mix also fights against visible sagginess of the skin.

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