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Post Baby Body - bezpieczny pakiet dla MAM

Package includes 5 visits (5 treatments)
5 * reaction refit

Reaction treatments help mothers regaining the body from before pregnancy. After the birth of the baby young mothers often face problems such as sagging belly, stretch marks and flabby skin. It is often hard for woman to reconcile with the change, resulting in loss of confidence and low self-esteem. Despite exercising and proper diet, the skin often remains saggy and unattractive, which is a sign that it needs more stimulation.

The ReFit program, using a Reaction device, allows starting a series of treatments just after one month after giving birth. The treatments will restore a healthy look of your skin, help to cope with the extra centimeters in the abdomen and waist, firm the skin and improve its tension, as well as reduce stretch marks.

1900 PLN
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