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Body chiromassage

It is a wonderful, relaxing, anti-aging 90-minutes massage of the whole body using a whole range of different techniques. Its application is not only as a relaxing treatment or healing but it can be successfully incorporated into the prevention of anti-aging. Positive effect on the elasticity of the muscles, joints, and blood and lymph circulation. This reduces problems associated with the skin (also caused by excess weight) by reducing the skin’s elasticity, dryness and cellulitis. Chiromassage as a therapeutic massage, is used in case of fatigue and muscle tension as well as for the functional symptoms of the body’s locomotive system.

The effects are visible after only a single treatment and the uniqueness of each massage session allows it to achieve maximum results within a short amount of time in terms of aesthetic appearance of the site. Clients who completed the procedures are always very impressed because in our hands, lies the secret of their well-being, health and beauty.

260 PLN
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